ST Patricks University Holborn London, London

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On New Court, 48 Carey Street in the heart of London, London, ST Patricks University Holborn is a brilliant Colleges Universities. ST Patricks University Holborn is a helpful location to offer a professional service. If you desire more information in relation to our business, we ask to just ring us on 020 7287 6664.
ST Patricks University Holborn
New Court, 48 Carey Street
London, London
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020 7287 6664

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student (1 out of 5)

I attend this college it is a joke some of the lectures could care less the admin staff are a joke,they have no professional about them what so ever,some talk to the students like crap while trying to make out they are doing some thing good.In the first week entering the college to registrar was a joke with the long lines and guys in green t-shirt conducting them self as if they are the Mafia,guarding the door when you try to enter the admin office,Lots of ppl say if they had know they would not of gone there,FIGHTS BRAKE OUT AT THE DROP OF A hat.Then you get the admin staff who do not know what the hell they are doing,when the new term starts you have to pray some one in your group has a copy of the new term table as the college do not email you any information.But as soon as you do not reply to the stupid form they have you sign to say you have returned they harass you on the phone or email you constantly,they load the students with x amount of essay that they expect you to do in 10 weeks exp 16,000 words 3-4 essay forgetting you are only taught 10 weeks each term and you have 3 terms through out the year,There system they have sspon is a joke ,it is what is used to submit your work ,which they do not mark until about 3-4 month later you have submitted.I learnt as i went alone.I have even seen them except women who are near to have their baby they could of bee 6-7 months pregnant and if I had know I would of never gone there in the first place it was a last resort,Why did I not just leave you ask,I have been asking my self the same question I know it would mess e up with student finance because they would say I left on my own accord they I would have to pay the crap college their tuition fees .IF ANY ONE HAS ANY SENSE UNLIKE ME DO NOT GO THERE YOU WILL REGRET IT I HAVE.OH YEAH THE LIBRARY IS A JOKE I HAVE MORE BOOKS IN MY HOME
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